Leak Causes Mushroom to Sprout in Dorm

One day, a friend of mine pointed out the awkward shape jutting out of my room’s wall, and before long I realized it was a mushroom. I never quite understood why a mushroom sprouted on the ceiling of my freshman dorm room in Arroyo Vista. But I knew there must be a water-leak or other failure in the building that caused the fungus to find enough moisture to survive in such an unlikely spot.

That’s why I’m joining with the bipartisan California Coalition for Public Higher Education, teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters and military veterans to seek a yes vote on Prop. 13, an education bond measure on the March 3 ballot. If passed, it will provide $15 billion in new funds to protect the health and safety of the state’s students in public school systems serving students from preschool through college graduation — with the priority placed on fixing the earthquake, fire and other disaster resistance in buildings.

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