Senator Bernie Sanders, Presidential Hopeful, Endorses Historic School Bond

SACRAMENTO – On Election Day Eve, Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) announced his support of the historic school facilities bond – Proposition 13 – the only statewide measure on the California primary ballot.

“It is unacceptable that our students are attending schools that don’t meet basic health and safety standards. The Proposition 13 School Safety Bond will ensure that all California students learn in safe schools that support their healthy growth. I urge Californians to vote yes,” Senator Sanders said in a tweet.

According to UC Berkeley’s Center for Cities and Schools, 2.2 million of California’s 6 million public school students attend schools in districts that fail to reach the standards for basic maintenance and operation. Proposition 13 will invest $15 billion to address this crisis, making California children safer, and our school buildings healthy, safe and conducive to learning.

“Millions of California’s students are attending school in rundown, unsafe facilities that seriously impact their ability to learn along with their overall wellbeing,” said Jim DeBoo, Yes on Prop 13 Campaign Manager. “This measure will help ensure kids are getting access to safer, healthier schools. We can’t wait any longer – Proposition 13 is a must for the future of these kids and Californians.”