Safe schools are a fundamental promise to our children

Millions of California students attend school in rundown, obsolete, unsafe, unhealthy facilities which pose obstacles to learning and overall wellbeing. Proposition 13, the California Public Preschool, Kindergarten and College Health and Safety Bond, will invest $15 billion to address this crisis, making California children safer and our school buildings healthy, safe, and conducive to learning.

Too many of California’s children attend schools that are in disrepair and suffer from unsafe conditions, including poor air quality, mold and asbestos, lack of air conditioning or health centers, and even broken toilets. Some even lack basic school safety measures.

Prop 13 will allow California public schools to:

Upgrade facilities for earthquakes and other emergencies including emergency communication systems, safety door locks and lighting

Remove mold, lead paint, asbestos, and other hazardous materials from classrooms

Modernize job, career and vocational training facilities, including for veterans returning from duty

Provide space for school nurses and counselors to improve student access to health care and mental health services

Provide emergency funding to reopen schools following disasters

Repair aging classrooms, school buildings, and career education facilities

Repair and replace deteriorating water pipes for clean drinking water

Require independent audits and public hearings to account for taxpayer dollars

The science is clear:

it’s harder to get a good education in a bad or unsafe learning environment – and yet, California is falling behind.

More than half of the state’s K-12 public school districts fail to meet minimum industry standards for annual spending on maintenance and operations, or on capital improvements like new roofs.



2.2 million of California’s 6 million public school students attend schools in districts that fail to reach the standards for basic maintenance and operation (Source: UC Berkeley’s Center for Cities and Schools)

Prop 13 is the most robust school facilities bond in state history, promoting adequate and equitable school facility that will provide healthy, safe, and educationally appropriate school infrastructure for our children.

This bond will improve California’s public schools across every educational category – including preschool, K-12, higher education, traditional, career technical, and charter schools.

Facilities’ challenges are most often found in low-wealth districts, largely attended by low-income communities of color – contributing to the school achievement gap. This measure includes key reforms that ensure school facilities spending is more equitable so funding is invested in districts that need it most.

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“Students need to be taught in facilities that are safe, well-maintained and show respect for those who go to school and work there.”

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